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Silverati Illuminating Treatment Masque

Silverati Illuminating Treatment Masque

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Product Overview

Create a revitalizing look and feel to gray or white hair with Oribe's Silverati Illuminating Treatment Masque. This powerfully moisturizing mask fortifies, restores elasticity and enhances shine while hydrating a dry scalp. A blend of blue and silver pigments correct a yellow tone leaving hair beautifully illuminated.

Key Ingredients:

  • Blend of Blue & Silver Pigments: brighten gray and silver hair, eliminate yellow tones and prevent discoloration
  • Ceramide Complex: improves overall scalp health by conditioning to help reduce dryness
  • Argan Oil: adds lightweight shine, softens wiry, brittle hair and helps protect from breakage
  • Celery Seed Extract: soothes and moisturizes the scalp while controlling sebum to help promote a healthy hair environment
  • Rice Seed Protein & Extract: penetrate the cuticle to strengthen, condition and prevent dryness while helping to protect hair from oxidative damage

Key Benefits:

  • Intensely hydrates dry, aging hair
  • Brightens gray, silver and white strands while eliminating yellow tones and increasing shine
  • Restores strength and elasticity to wiry, brittle hair
  • Immediately nourishes and softens to help improve manageability
  • Calms and moisturizes dry scalp
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